"PlayMemories Online" Basic Operations (PlayStation®4)

Welcome to "PlayMemories Online"!

You can enjoy with your photos by making use of the "PlayMemories Online" functions shown as follows.

Upload photos from a smartphone or computer to view them quickly and easily on your PlayStation®4 !
How to upload images, see here.

You can display memorable photos. Press the right button on the controller to display the menu.


- To enjoy your photos from your PlayStation®4, you need to upload photos to "PlayMemories Online" using your PC or smartphone. For the details of "PlayMemories Online", refer to "Learn more". To download applications using on your PC or smartphone, refer to "Related apps".



You can display all photos.

My Collections:

You can view collections put together from your favorite photos and videos.


- You can make collections using the PC application "PlayMemories Home", the mobile application "Album" or "PlayMemories Online", or the web service "PlayMemories Online".

Group Collections:

You can view a memorable members-only photo album "Group Collections".
For details on Group Collections, see here.

Friends' Collections:

You can view collections shared by your friends and family.


You can set BGM and sound effects.


*Please note this app is available in English, French, Germany, Spanish and Japanese.