Basic operations

Welcome to "PlayMemories Online"!

By uploading photos and videos to our online service "PlayMemories Online", you can also enjoy with photos and videos from your tablet device or smart phone, etc. And of course, you can share photos and videos with your families and friends in a simple way.

This section introduces the basic operations of "PlayMemories Online".

Main screen


View all photos and videos in "PlayMemories Online".

My Collections:

Combine your favorite photos and videos into a collection for viewing. You can also manage photos and videos by themes such as "Travel," "Family" or "Hobby."
You can share collections with your friends and family.

Friends' Collections

View the collections shared by your friends and family.

Group Collections

You can take and add photos/videos together with friends and family to create/view a collection.
Group collections can be created with the "Create a new Group Collection" button.

* The functions for Photo books and postcards have been deprecated.

See here for more details

The following system requirements are recommended for using PlayMemories Online on a web browser.
Some functions may not be available for systems that do not satisfy the recommended requirements.

・Mobile Browser
Latest version of Google Chrome (Android 4.* or later)
Latest version of Safari (iOS 7 or later)
Latest version of Firefox (Android 2.*, 3.*)

Latest version of Google Chrome
Latest version of Firefox

Latest version of Safari