Group Collections

You can create a memorable members-only photo album simply by touching your smartphone with your friend's on the spot.
Your photo album will become more fun as family and friends take and share more photos.
All of the photos are organized in a neat manner, and you can enjoy looking back at them.
Leave memories of events with family, friends and other important people in your life such as home parties and trips as an exclusive members-only photo album.

3 features of group collections

Easily create a group on the spot

Simply have smartphones touch each other to create a group.
Easily create an album shared only for certain people.
Since you can easily check who the album is shared with,
you can safely share your important photos without any privacy concerns.

*You can invite people to join a photo album by using NFC, e-mail, or a QR code.

Automatically share photos
as they are taken

Photos taken by people who have joined a photo album are
automatically uploaded and compiled into a beautiful photo album.
Photo albums are shared only with group members so there are no privacy concerns.
Add/Share more photos with your family and friends!

A lot of fun looking back

Memories left by the group are automatically organized in a beautiful manner, allowing members to look back conveniently any time.
See your memories come alive through photos of yourself taken by friends and photos of memorable moments captured in diverse angles.

Group collections can be used through the PlayMemories Online app (Android) and web browser.

Android users:

PC and iOS users:

iOS users:

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