Unlimited Upload

All the photos you have taken saved in cloud automatically

- Just turn the “All Sync” feature on to upload all your photos automatically from your mobile device or PC to the PlayMemories cloud (*1)

- No storage limitation for auto-uploaded photos (*2)
- View all photos from any device in the same way

*1 To use the "All Sync" feature, please use the app listed below for the corresponding device:
・Computer: PlayMemories Home
・Smartphone/Tablet: PlayMemories Online app
*2 Photos automatically uploaded by All Sync will be resized to 1920-pixel length, which means there is no limit to how many photos may be uploaded. Up to 5 GB of cloud storage is also provided for movies and original-sized photos.


Help organize massive amount of photos.

Automatically organize your many photos using the "All Sync" feature. Not only will your photos be arranged by their dates but specific photos can be enlarged and similar photos can be removed from the display, allowing all of your memorable photos to be organized in an easy-to-see manner.


Encounter unexpected memories with a pleasant surprise. 

Every day, a photo is automatically picked from your memorable collection and displayed. The photo can be chosen from something taken exactly 3 years ago, last month or in another organized manner. Long-forgotten memories with family, friends and events will be unexpectedly brought back.

Easy to share

Create a photo album with your family and friends

You can create a memorable members-only photo album “Group Collections” simply by touching your smartphone with your friend's on the spot. Your photo album will become more fun as family and friends take and share more photos. All of the photos are organized in a neat manner, and you can enjoy looking back at them. Leave memories of events with family, friends and other important people in your life such as home parties and trips as an exclusive members-only photo album.


- Sound Photo supported.
Sound Photo adds an extra dimension to enjoying still photos, re-creating the exact sound heard at the moment the picture was taken.

(*)Learn more about Sound Photo here

- Supports "Triluminos® color" technology used in BRAVIA TVs.