Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The message "PlayMemories Home can’t be installed on this computer." is displayed.

A: It is possible that the installed OS is not supported. Ensure that the supported OS is used.

Q: What can I do with Create Multi View function?

A: You can use the two functions as below:
- Merge up to 4 videos in a single screen.
- Create a video which combines various data such as speed and trajectory, etc. using the GPS information.
* This function is only available with the videos shooted by Action Cam with the GPS functions.
- Slow the video speed in part or as a whole for editing.

Q: When creating the Multi View, the Start/Goal flags do not match the trajectory display.

A: If the Multi View does not match the display for MacBook Retina 15inch, it is necessary to upgrade to OS X 10.9.

Q: Videos recorded with a Sony camera cannot be played back using iMovie or iPhoto.

A: MPEG2/AVCHD format videos cannot be played on your Mac. To play them on your Mac, convert them to the MP4 format from [Convert] on "PlayMemories Home".

Q: Can I open photo or video files using "PlayMemories Home" together with iPhoto or iMovie?

A: You cannot open photo or video files even if you set iPhoto or iMovie from [Open With Program] on "PlayMemories Home".