Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Movies edited and exported to the camera cannot be played back.

A: Only movies edited with "Trim video" and "Combine videos" can be played back on a camera.

Q: Photos or videos stored on "PlayMemories Home" cannot be played back from other devices on the home network.

A: Select [Tools] - [Settings], then configure the settings on the [Home Network] screen.

Q: I cannot upload photos or videos toPlayMemories Online or Facebook. (The "Upload to PlayMemories", "Add to My Collections" and "Upload" icons are not available.)

A: Update PlayMemories Home to the latest version. Previous versions may not support certain services.

Q: What can I do with Create Multi View function?

A: You can use the two functions as below:
- Merge up to 4 videos in a single screen.
- Create a video which combines various data such as speed and trajectory, etc. using the GPS information.
* This function is only available with the videos shooted by Action Cam with the GPS functions.
- Slow the video speed in part or as a whole for editing.

Q: There are files called "filename.modd" in my folder which contains pictures.

A: PlayMemories Home automatically creates and stores these files to manage your pictures.
Please do not delete these files.

Q: When installing PlayMemories Home, a message indicating that "Updating Database" appears and the installation does not complete.

A: In PlayMemories Home, a database is built during installation to strengthen the integration features (for example, to avoid duplicate pictures) with PlayMemories Online.
This process may take a long time to complete if there are a large number of images stored in your computer.
Once the process is complete, the same process will not be required anymore. Please wait until the database is built completely.

Q: When I import videos to the PC, the imported video files are divided.

A: Some videos are divided during recording depending on the camera.
You can combine these videos by importing them to the PC using "PlayMemories Home".


- Divided videos are combined only when using Sony AVCHD-compatible video camera and using the NTFS or exFAT file system on your PC. If the FAT32 file system is used on your PC, divided videos cannot be combined. You can check the file system you are using in the properties of the destination drive. For how to change the file system, please contact the manufacturer of your PC.
(Backing up of your data is recommended before changing file system, because the existing data may be lost.)

- When you import divided video files to a PC using commercially available video-editing software, the audio may be corrupted. Use "PlayMemories Home" to import files to the PC even when you use commercially available software for editing.

・When importing a video from "PlayMemories Home", the video is imported while in a divided state when transferred using Wi-Fi, so please use a USB cable to import.

Q: Can I import photos and videos from a disc to a PC?

A: You can import photos or videos recorded on a disc created using "PlayMemories Home".
Insert the disc into the disc drive of your PC, and click [Tools] on the top-right of the main window and then click [Import media files].

Q: When using a camera supporting the Wi-Fi function, I cannot import photos or videos using Wi-Fi.

A: Before importing videos or photos, connect the PC and a camera supporting the Wi-Fi function with a USB cable, select the camera supporting the Wi-Fi function from [Cameras and media], and then run [Wi-Fi Import Settings].

When using Windows firewall, the port settings are automatically configured at the same time that settings are run.


- This function is available only with Sony video camera or digital camera with the Wi-Fi PC saving function. Importing via Wi-Fi takes more time compared to importing via USB connection.

- The PC and the camera supporting the Wi-Fi function must be connected to the same network.

- Settings for the firewall and security software you are using must be configured for each network the PC is connected to.

- Depending on the firewall settings of the security software you are using, your device may not be recognized.
Change the settings so that communications can be made using UDP port 1900 and TCP port 2869.
For detailed information, refer to the website or manual of the security software.

Viewing videos and photos

Q: Photos and videos saved on the PC cannot be viewed in "PlayMemories Home".

A: If you want to use "PlayMemories Home" to view photos and videos saved without using "PlayMemories Home", you must use "PlayMemories Home" to specify the folder where the photos and videos are saved.
By connecting a Sony video camera or digital camera to the PC with a USB cable, management and playback functions may be added. When you use Sony camera, try to connect with a USB cable.

Q: Can I insert date stamps into photos?

A: In the Windows version you can print photos with the date information by setting on the print screen.
(This feature is not available in the Mac version) To add date information onto a photo, select your desired photo on the main screen, and then [Tools] - [Edit/Convert Photos] - [Adjust Photos] - [Insert Date]. You cannot delete the date information. Also, you cannot edit multiple photos at one time.

Q: Can I combine videos using "PlayMemories Home"?

A: You can combine multiple AVCHD format videos, multiple MPEG-2 format videos, XAVC S format, or multiple MP4 format videos using "PlayMemories Home". You cannot combine videos depending on the video format or file combinations.
Select your desired videos on the main screen, and then [Tools] - [Edit Media Files] - [Edit/Convert Videos].

Manipulating videos and photos

Q: Can I copy (back up) photos and videos imported to a PC using "PlayMemories Home" to an external hard disk drive?

A: On "PlayMemories Home", drag and drop the folder you want to back up to the specified folder on the PC.