Sharing Content with Devices on the Home Network

By connecting your PC to the home network, you can share content such as photos and videos with the devices on the same home network.


- To connect your devices to the home network, setting on each device is required.

Viewing content on other devices from your PC

1. On the home screen, select [Home Network].

2. Select your desired device.

3. Select a folder, then content.

Playing content stored on your PC from other devices (Throw)

1. Select a photo or video.

2. Swipe your finger from the top side or bottom side to the center of the screen to display the menu.

3. Select [Throw].

4. Follow the on-screen instructions.


- To select your desired photo or video on the thumbnail screen, hold down the photos and videos. The menu will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.


- You can throw only content stored on your PC.

- You cannot throw content stored only on "PlayMemories Online".