Uploading photos

Upload your photos and videos to "PlayMemories Online" for viewing on various devices.


- You can upload photos automatically or manually. If you upload photos automatically, the photos will be converted to normal size (longer side within 1,920 px) and saved on "PlayMemories Online" with unlimited storage capacity.

- In the default settings, when you turn on [All Sync], photos in your smartphone are synchronized with your photos on "PlayMemories Online" using a Wi-Fi network.
To synchronize photos using your mobile network, select [PlayMemories settings] - [All sync], then select [Mobile Network or Wi-Fi] in the upload setting.


- Videos cannot be uploaded.

Uploading photos automatically

1. Tap [PlayMemories Online] from the menu.

2. Tap -[PlayMemories settings]

3. Turn on [All Sync].

Uploading photos manually

1. Tap the photo you want to upload.

2. Tap ().

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.