Welcome to PlayMemories Help!

"PlayMemories" is a Sony photo/video cloud service that turns everyday records into enjoyable "Memories."

Photos uploaded from a device such as your smartphone or PC are easily organized, and can be viewed on supported devices.

This Help section introduces the basic operations of the "PlayMemories" application, such as how to organize photos and videos and share them with friends and family.

Starting the "PlayMemories"

To create a "PlayMemories" account

You need to create a "Sony Entertainment Network" account in order to use "PlayMemories". You can create a new account for free here .

To install applications for "PlayMemories"

Install the "PlayMemories" applications on your smartphone, tablet device or PC, etc. Visit the "PlayMemories" website to download the applications.

About updated "PlayMemories"

Create a photo album with your family and friends

You can create a memorable members-only photo album “Group Collections” simply by touching your smartphone with your friend's on the spot. Your photo album will become more fun as family and friends take and share more photos. All of the photos are organized in a neat manner, and you can enjoy looking back at them. Leave memories of events with family, friends and other important people in your life such as home parties and trips as an exclusive members-only photo album.

Unlimited Upload

When All Sync is switched on, the photos stored on each of your devices such as a smartphone and PC are stored together in PlayMemories, so you can enjoy viewing your photos anytime, anywhere, on all devices.